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A new Bond gadget has leaked!

Discover Bond's newest gadget! His name is Door... Elephant Door! Security System 001. Limited Edition available only in the United Kingdom.

A new Bond gadget has leaked! This is the most innovative elephant door 001 super-alarm. As you may know, James is always away from home. He works hard... and safety is important to him. It is his entire life! How do you think he looks after his home when he is away? He has a great partner that replaces him often 24 hours a day! This partner is elephant door. James has no time for home duties so he installed the alarm in just a minute.

James travels a lot so he always wants to know what is happening and he wants to stay connected to his alarm. He does not use crappy products. For him, the latest technologies are outdated. He owns the newer technology. Glasses that scan suitcases, jet-propelled cars and alarms that detect break-ins are his standard tools. Machine guns, shooting, explosions and a 110+ dB siren that will give you a headache, are his weapons in fighting for a better world.

How does it work? Years of works of specialists in secret laboratories have resulted in creating a unique technology called SWS - Smart Warning System. Thanks to top quality sensors and advanced analysis of signals, the device is capable of detecting break-in attempts and door opening. A simple knock on the door will not trigger it. Due to the above, no intruder wishing to get inside Bond's apartment will be left unnoticed.

Even the best spy will not open the door without triggering the ultra-loud 110+ dB alarm siren. James will receive a smartphone notification immediately so that he can send support to his home. It doesn't matter if at that point he is disarming a nuclear load on Alaska or saving the life of the Queen. You can feel like Bond too - no criminal will access your home!

Specification: Unique, handmade by Q.

Limited edition. Available product quantity: 007.

Hurry up before spies from other intelligence teams get it before you do!